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Assalamu alaykum and welcome to our blog site!

On today’s extensive involvement of the youth in several different social networking sites, we cannot help but think about whether the interest in nurturing their Islamic knowledge still linger in the hearts of our young Muslim brothers and sisters. The modern society has been busy sharing and uploading almost everything on the internet, keeping the rest of the world updated with what is going on —significant or not. For this reason, we have decided to put up our very own WordPress site and make use of this platform in contributing to a cause of extending Islamic knowledge to the Muslim youth online.

Our mission is to invite all Muslims in the remembrance of Allah The Exalted and His Messenger Muhammad through the bits and pieces of the Quran and the Prophet’s Sunnah. Here you will find text images of Qur’anic verses, tafsir (Qur’anic exegesis), and commentaries on authentic hadiths that were compiled into different books and chapters. We wish to see more of our Muslim brothers and sisters interact in various social networking sites and share valuable Islamic knowledge, at the same time, for we believe that this will be of great benefit to even the smallest unit of our Ummah.

So go ahead and explore! Read, learn, and share. Remember that the good you do to benefit others is a good deed worthy of Allah’s reward and, therefore, a benefit to yourself.

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