Prohibition of Uninterrupted Fasting (Wisal)

Prohibition of Wisal

There are several authentic Hadiths that prohibit Al-Wisal, which means continuing the fast through the night to the next night, without eating. Imam Ahmad recorded Abu Hurayrah saying that Allah’s Messenger said: “Do not practice Al-Wisal in fasting.” So they said to him, “But you practice Al-Wisal, O Allah’s Messenger!”

The Prophet replied, “I am not like you, I am given food and drink during my sleep by my Lord.” So, when the people refused to stop Al-Wisal, the Prophet fasted two days and two nights (along with those who practiced Wisal) and then they saw the crescent moon (of the month of Shawwal). The Prophet said to them (angrily): “If the crescent had not appeared, I would have made you fast for a longer period.”

That was as a punishment for them (when they refused to stop practicing Al-Wisal). This Hadith is also recorded in the Sahihayn.

The prohibition of Al-Wisal was also mentioned in a number of other narrations. It is a fact that practicing Al-Wisal was one of the special qualities of the Prophet, for he was capable and assisted in his practice of it. It is obvious that the food and drink that the Prophet used to get while practicing Al-Wisal was spiritual and not material, otherwise he would not be practicing Al-Wisal. We should mention that it is allowed to refrain from breaking the fastfrom sunset until before dawn (Suhur).

A Hadith narrated by Abu Sa`id Khudri states that Allah’s Messenger said: “Do not practice Al-Wisal, but whoever wishes is allowed to practice it until the Suhur.”

They said, “You practice Al-Wisal, O Messenger of Allah!” He said: “I am not similar to you, for I have One Who makes me eat and drink during the night.”

This Hadith is also collected in the Two Sahihs.

(Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Chapter 2: Al Baqarah, Verses 142 to 252)



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